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A pure software house, designed to provide all IT services with emphasis on development and HR.

DEVLAND is a global full-cycle software development company with vast expertise in in different verticals and a focus on the latest technologies. Since 2008, we have been helping companies achieve their goals with professional, out of the box software solutions and industry top standards.

Devland is based in Romania with global partner network all over Europe

Devland is based on the experience of it’s experts, with over 25 years providing services for companies around the world, this experience was merged into Devland company.

Technologies & Experience

DEVLAND is focused on the mainstream technologies
Native and React Development for mobiles. PHP, .NET and JS on it’s different frameworks for web and desktop solution.

In our past projects you can find from retail clients to banks, government and health organizations. We supplied successful solutions for clients around the world for many years now, form start-ups to enterprise. We have teams developing in Israel, Canada, Romania and India. We designate a team based on the experience needed for each client and each solution.

Our modules provides an easy Employee Management plugin for your company. You will be able to see a detailed employee profile along with leave request, promotion, increment, performance logs etc. There are also announcements, email notification, and more!

ERP, CRM, HRM, E-Commerce Web applications.
Mange your full business lifecycle on-line on a cloud solution. We are experts in combining Web technologies into solutions that will save you time and money and convert your business to a Digital one.

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Company Timeline


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    Finding the right candidate for you
    Finding the right candidate for you

    Enchance Your Experience

    Experience that matters

    Our company holds an HR company who is expertise is finding IT people in the Romanian market for foreign companies.
    Our software team is professional and experienced in trainings and finding the sparks in people.

    Dedicated Teams for Nearshore and Offshore Software Development

    Dedicated teams are the employees of a partner company that work exclusively on the client’s projects and have a tight collaboration with the client’s developers and testers. Dedicated teams are a solution for companies that want to extend their in-house software development capacity or need to add specific knowledge to their teams, but have no access to appropriate human resources in their geographical area.

    Dedicated teams have the advantage of working as parts of the clients’ organizational structures, which allows clients to have a flexible workforce depending on the project requirements. This model can be considered one of the most reliable forms of IT outsourcing both for large companies and small software firms and start-ups from the USA and Europe.

    Nearshore dedicated teams for companies in Western Europe are located mostly in Central Europe. This means clients can quickly relocate the teams for training, project meetings, or other situations requiring face-to-face discussions. With offshore dedicated teams relocation is also possible, but slightly more tedious, as it requires visas and long distance travel for the engineers and the clients’ team members.

    Outsourcing the in-house development is not as easy as it might seem. Having a good remote collaboration and quality code delivered depends on many aspects besides the experience and know-how of the programmers and testers involved in the collaboration.


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